Tuesday 10 May 2022

Three Poems by Geetha Ravichandran



There are several ways

of drawing stars.

Intersect the rays

sharpen the vertices

shape them freely—

five, six, seven edged.

Condense their vastness,

scatter them in clusters,

tail them and watch them

streak the skies.

The gases

that course through space


and reach out

from beyond,

piercing sheaths of darkness.

Draw in their light .

Scratch a star

on the dusty earth.

Leave the mind fallow.

A point of light

may fall from the sky.


Rain Dance

The rainbow wrapped the hillock

for just a moment.

Then lightning appeared

to splice the sky.

A gust of wind rushed in

and rain beat down the thicket.

The incoming darkness brought along

the howl of the jackal.

Under the cover of a ledge

children laughed and danced.

Boughs of wet flowers

sprung up, drenched in defiance.



 I stand at the window

 and sing, to be met

 by a kite’s blistering stare.

 It has had enough

 and is waiting for rain.

 The sky darkens lazily.

 Birds drape themselves

 on the cable tv antennae

 choking roof tops,

 in the posture of those

 who have no need to justify

 what they do with their time.


Geetha Ravichandran lives and works in Mumbai, India.  Over the last year her poems have been published in several online journals and anthologies . Her poems have also been included in the  Yearbook of Indian Poetry . Her first book of poems will be published by Red River, shortly.


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