Wednesday 4 May 2022

Five Poems by Terry Wheeler


master kong


master kong found 

the way through


the precision of

ancient rites


perfect the music

of life and death


to change

the inner self


if you do not

serve the living


you cannot

respect the dead


the path to

learning is


a continuing struggle

for human dignity



minor chords


in minor chords

empty words end


wars fill voids

inconsolable lies begin


tempests are provoked

by butterfly wing


all sings from

an exploding dot


against the stars

black holes plot


in that darkness

the music stops



dove cottage


through dim rooms

tourists poke


where brother and

sister spoke


softly as they

broke bread


or neath flickering 

candles read


those long letters

from coleridge 


past gardens beyond

that ridge


they rambled dell

and fell


with william muttering 

to himself





best part

is having 


all of it

shitty bits





of fame


waking up

to shame




the grit

to do better


not getting




harder harder harder


didn’t work

the medication


lou reed



foggy notion


pensive and 

fucked up


folk music

for those who


couldn’t stop


the bleeding 

mo tucker’s





Terry Wheeler - After graduating from law school in the late 1980s Terry worked in the Australian public service for decades. He was inspired to write after seeing Michael Dransfield poems in The Australian newspaper when a teenager. Terry has been published in Australia and abroad since retiring. He lives in Brisbane when not travelling.

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