Tuesday 10 May 2022

Five Poems by Fahredin Shehu


Obsidian heart


On Time debris’ of a mere walk throughout

The continental part of the Soul lies

Heart’s sharp edges cutting the flesh

Of evil dispersed hastily- a lonesome

Pinfeather is flying around with the tough

Message- some might say a Revelation

She longs for unveiling the Mystery

Beyond Men understanding- through Aeons

Meandering in the rainbow side of the Shade

A rooster announces a new day while

The Redemption seems far away

Sharp is the heart as dark as the darkest night

When no star sparkles to show the road to the seeker



A Quantum taste


She pulled up her dress,

the foot touching the water membrane,

the thrill currents from foot

                      to the head-top,

goose bombs on the skin all over,

a grape-berry in her mouth

foaming, burgundy drops-

                 leaking on her jaw.

Tasteful indeed- the wine to become,

as if all tastes disappeared

only for this moment of

Quantum reality I dwell and

the Time lost its meaning.



My Luminous Forest


They built the Temple-

the Masters of the Soul's secrets-

for the Princess with the incomparable beauty


Thou Art is Objective

to be lived

to be experienced.

When the Time froze and

became the Timelessness,

just sit with that gorgeous

building in the front

nothing else to do- just sit!

you shall see how serenity

brings the soothing of the heart and how it

leaves the strange taste

in your mouth


Do you happen to experience the Forest?


Did you ever hear

the hissing of the snakes,

the chirping voices of the birds

ate the wild strawberries

saw the cloud upon your

head formed by the Mistletoe

heard the cracking of the dried bows

covered with the decayed

leaves beneath your feet


collected the Spider's nets

in tiny glass-jars

saw the rabbit nests

under the bushes and

how Ivy covered the trunks

of the tall trees.


Before you dwell in the sea

of your DMT and meet

your neon colour white Queen

as luminous as a midday

sun-ray of July


Listen what they have to say-

the Masters of  the Heart

who became  known centuries after

their disciples unveiled their names



To stay or...?


Petroleum scented Zephyr

the Sun hides behind the mountain-top

it is as death binds your legs


The blood-drops pattern Libra

on my cotton white tunic


To stay in a dream or

to dwell in here having

the taste of Absinth

in my mouth





Layers upon layers

of golden sheets of memories set

I found a difference between

information, knowledge, knowing,

wisdom and the revelation


While it all tastes confused

the cloud of Consciousness above

the head top of mine

hides the seven colours of the Rainbow and

the Vanta-Black hidden deep

under the Abyss of the surface

it all brought chill and thrill

while Umami envelopes

my tongue unable to utter

a word of Love




Fahredin Shehu - Is a World renowned poet from Kosovo who authored over 20 books: mainly Poetry, Essay, Novel etc.

His poetry is translated in around 40 languages and brought him many literary prizes.  For his unique philosophical and Artistic expression he was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa and Lifetime Academic in Switzerland and was nominated for Pulitzer prize.

He took part in over 50 International poetry festivals and over 50 world anthologies.

He is The Director of International Poetry Festival in Kosovo


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