Wednesday 18 May 2022

Four Poems by Francisc Edmund Balogh


The echo story


       To the teacher


Listen to the deposition

of the bare mountains,

of the olive trees,              

of your own  hearts,

of the sunset,                            

of the wind.


The story can not end,

can not start either

without our roles

and the 30 pieces of silver.


The story flows

unstoppably like the river of Jordan,

over the feet of the tainted souls,

it cleaves perfectly

as a patch from inside..

to the blue sky.


This story

is the deposition

of the blood

that runs through

our veins.



Too late


It is too late

to blow the candle,

the dawn has already sensed

our split impressions

that are still looking for each other



in the twists and turns

of the catacombs of the soul!!

The rain is tapping at the window

the dot of the last verse,

in the overloaded hourglass

of the memory

compressed poems.



Rooftop poem


This poem is a rooftop

with doves  on it,

a horizon line

in a horizonless dawn.


Your sigh

sneaks out like a cat

into the night

to bundle it’s lives

in mystery.


The flowers at  your window

are messengers of

the beauty of silence.



The crack


The birds have never returned,

they remained somewhere beyond

the barb wired mist of the winter,

time ran quickly through the corridor of the night

stepping mercilessly with his boots

on their somnolence,  on their nest

from our heart,

it has alerted the stars, the moon,

that howl of desire

preserved in the roots,

in the poems hidden under the wings

of the birds,

we have met once again,

here on the tightrope of words.



Francisc Edmund Balogh  is a Romanian poet, writer and musician. In his country he was published in various anthologies, literary e-magazines and magazines. He also received various prizes at different mostly national and couple international literary competitions. The most important prize he received was  1st place at L'Olimpiade Mondiaux de Poesie” 2020-2021 edition, organized by the World Poets Association.

Some of Francisc’s poems were translated and published in 2020 in Germany in  the "Vort Vergessen” anthology and some on the french litterary blog „ Lettres Capitales.”

Francisc also writes in English.   Francisc published in India on the  Litterateur Rw literary blog, Opa and Cultural Reverence.

In the UK, Francisc has been published in the Poet magazine, One Hand Clapping and Lothlorien Poetry Journal!

Two of Francisc’s works were published in the US - in Spillwords and OpenDoor magazines.

The last but not the least is Francisc’s participation in the World Poetry Tree anthology edited, published in Dubai, anthology which includes over 400 contemporary poets from 105 countries.







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