Saturday 28 May 2022

Five Poems by Robert Fleming


precedence planning


m me meg mega pri prince princess MEGA-PRINCESS

cinderella I’ll trip you & break your hip

snowwhite I’ll melt your snow

pocahontas I’ll unfeather you

lea I’ll unbraid your bun

still I bend to the queen

i god save Victoria

beware beware of the Mega-Princess


daddy dotting when I crankied awake

a princess gets a prince:

            to meet the prince

            to crown princess

            to move-in to a castle

            to  live princessly ever after


pity I’m princess not Queen

I claim more than commoners

I don’t do that

i can’t serve myself

I will be served:

carry me down 23-stair-stories

                        when there’s a 3 a.m. fire alarm

            I’d rather burn than walk


ambulance me to the ball

            when my heart stops

I’d rather die than waiting room wait


I poison the queen

QUEEN QUee Que Qu q


the truth grows up and sideways


the hyperion sequoia sempervirens California tree grows 316 feet up

the graviplant German tree grows 140 centimeters sideways

one day the horizontal trees will grow to the vertical trees and

make a trunk bridge over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

not today

today the up and down trees reach for the sun-rays

today the side-by-side trees recline into hammock lies



the history of one self-endangered species


cave you with a wood club

pump breast milk for a paystub


march of the male monarchs

sweat life by check marks


rise republic

spit transmits plague in public


curve a vertebra planting a field

bile launches through a windshield


curl of the dictator moustache

Sylvester urine suffering succotash


harvest a field ride a tractor

uranium blood nuclear reactor


watch drive-in-movie from outer space

race to end the human tear race


if the earth loves itself, the earth won’t need humans


i’ve fallen in love with how humans origin about me

2,000 years humans still arguing big bank / evolution

hmm the debate is over

i was there

i won’t tell


i’ve fallen in love with my tectonic plates falling and rising

one high-tide a Pacific ocean wave surface

next low-tide a Hawaii island

next tsunami a volcano island

my atmospheres never fit for more than 10,000 years


i’ve fallen in love with blue whales on my blue planet

can’t do a country blue

still hoping one revolution will

rotate me to the blues

can’t cry or feel sad


i’ve fallen in love with one ozone hole

at my pole winds are heaters

am 1 side / pm 1 side

next rotation earth catapults

out of the ozone and takes Jupiter as a lover



the ghost answers


who ghosted ghosts say boo?

musta been Casper who gots better things to do than boo you


who ghosted humans come from ash?

musta been tokin’ a lot of trash


who ghosted humans won’t return to ash?

musta been Dante who loves to dance limbo


who ghosted you don’t have to be dead to be a ghost?

musta been your facebook un-friended friend

Robert Fleming lives in Lewes, DE. Published in United States, Canada, and Australia. Member of the Rehoboth Beach, Eastern Shore, and Horror Writer’s Association. 2022 winner of San Gabriel Valley CA broadside-1 poem, 2021 winner of Best of Mad Swirl poetry and nominated for Pushcart Prize by Ethel Zine and FailBetter and double nominated for best of the net by Devil’s Party Press. Robert’s writing is a mix of Robert Frost and Dr. Seuss.


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