Wednesday 11 May 2022

Haiku & Senryu Poems by Joe Sebastian


fading twilight—
moon stealing itself into
the drip bucket

day by day
nights come earlier

autumn evening –
only  noisy ravens
traffic the lane

dead of night
other side of  the rustle ,

morning sky…
the butterflies’ wings
scattering colours

autumn night
the  moon takes a ride
on the boat's sail...

pearly moon- 
on shore sand
wet footprints glisten

returning tide…
pesky gulls pull away
from every swell

dandelion seeds
a hovering dragonfly
scatters colour

riding piggyback…
dew - drop on a shaft of light
on  the garden   snail


beach frolicking
billow of her tank top 
with each wave 

bidding goodbye
touching each wall of home 
on moving day

picking mangoes-
the juiciest ones
just out of reach

dry autumn leaves
curled up in sleep,
the urchin 

news of births , more news of deaths,
waxing hunter moon

injured soldier
towering sunflower hunched
into its leaf

Covid hospice–
good wishes 
threaded on a string 

war cemetery
cobwebs fill  cracked

trudging up school stairs…
weight of his dreams 
on her shoulders

seniors home-
he re- rakes
the autumn leaves

Joe Sebastian—A Gold medallist post graduate in Political Science and International Relations ,serving the Government of India and currently posted as Principal Commissioner of Income -Tax, Bangalore,has penned a collection of Haiku poetry titled 'MYRIAD MUSINGS'. Married ,he lives in Bangalore, India with wife,daughter,son and a Golden Retriever ,Scotch. His work has been accepted/published  in various international journals including ,The Wales Haiku Journal, The Haiku Foundation, Mayfly,  Creatrix,  Cold Moon Journal,  Bear Creek Journal,Presence,  The Heron’s Nest, Modern Haiku ,Heliosparrow ,Haikuniverse, Cattails,The Mainichi, Dylan Thomas Anthology,  Asahi Shinbum, Muse India, Haiku Xpressions,The Akitsu Quarterly, Failed Haiku,The Bamboo Hut, Poetry Pea, The Wise Owl ,Lothlorien Poetry Journal ,Brass Bell,The Sunflower Collective,Stardust Haiku etc .His other interests include travelling, music ,organic farming /gardening and its advocacy and conduct of sports and games for the mentally challenged. 

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