Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Four Poems by J.D. Nelson


this is what I do with the dream messages


using the hindsight method

using clamps


speaking of sticky noodles in sauce

I see the world in this colour scheme


like radio free goodwill

like a rainbow sherbet youth group


using foam to advertise the winning fish

a gallon of glue might make a meal


a creaking rose woke me up this morning

my bag of groceries is in the trunk 



it helps to know a mirror


the centered moss

the private glow


in the country of the salads

the clone is the dot of the flute


beneath the 7th room is the tunnel to the bread

that old sock is the flight of the princeton



y the lock


the clean willow 



the brain balm in the alabaster jar


the heart of the velvet head

the new eye of the world


I have a chip in my head

I’m scrambling a new egg


worm lamp


[this is the buffer between planets]


word lamp


the sordid eye beam

the plaid rainbow


I’m the creature with a calm name

the calm name of the world 



the meal of the sun


the night words

the cardboard beacon


locking hands

worth a night of the day


the smart earth

the bright sun of the face


I was a lake

a marshmallow


I eat the soot of the nike farm

I was the original frog 


J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. His poetry has appeared in many small press publications, worldwide, since 2002. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012). Visit for more information and links to his published work. Nelson lives in Colorado, USA.


  1. These a great. Thank you for turning the spotlight on J.D. Nelson.


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