Monday 20 May 2024

Two Poems by Wayne Russell


Of Fire and Steel

Alone in a room

the images take

tattered forms-

words switch out

with memories in 

swirling visions.

One by one, letters

found and formed-

of fire and steel, 

hammer upon anvil,

clang, clang, clang-

the words take their

shape, slowly with

mythical care.

An old sage places the

finished product upon

a shelf-

for all the world to see.


Grey skies, a 

blossoming of

tears, raindrops 

unfurling in unison.

This town, is dreary

on a Friday, church 

bells ring, mocking

that genetic spinning

of the


The DNA code of 

angelic allure, celestial

visions, phosphorus

night forthcoming.

Dreams interwoven,

within corridors of


Our hands are

aged relic vines


mouths heavy breath,

arms flung and 

thrust through-

the longing tides,

of the Moon fazes.

Thoughts of you

sing the sorrow


Thoughts of you

bringing happiness-

Oh that wounded

smile, reeling in my

wandering soul-

Oh that perfect love-

love of the ages, gilded;

the golden clouds appear


the heavens sing.

Wayne Russell - The creative writings of Wayne Russell have been widely published over the years, The Cannon's Mouth, Screech Owl, The Monterey Poetry Review, and Poets’ Espresso Review, are some of the magazines in which he has been published. Wayne was nominated for The Pushcart Prize in 2018 and the Best Of The Net in 2020; his first collection of poetry, Where Angels Fear, was published by Guarilia Genius Press in 2020; it can be purchased via Amazon.

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