Friday 10 May 2024

Two Poems by Mark Hendrickson


Decade of the Dead (or I Love the 80’s)


Zombie enlightenment

Rampant and spreading

I get my brains from others


Smoking to breathe

Tanning for warmth

Cruising to connect


Dragging my feet     

Gnashing my teeth

Rotting for fun


Never waking     

Never sleeping

Lurching primal mindless


Always thirsting    

Ever hungry

Cold and heartless    


Nihilistic numbing nightmare

Hedonistic hangover

Apocalyptic apoplectic autonomic


Thrill of gore

Bite of death

Immortal decay


Joy of denial

Sin sensation

God damned



Just Another Mean Case of the D's


Disconnected down doldrums: dribs, drabs. Disproportionate displeased dissonance denied desiring, disturbed discontentment demoralized. Distrusting dystopian discord, disgusted dysfunctional distress. Disenfranchised despondent despairing. Disembodied deconstructed disease. Detached, decommissioned. Disillusioned, defeated. Deluded? Daily.

Mark Hendrickson (he/him/his) is a poet and writer in the Des Moines area. His work has appeared in Variant Lit, Five Minutes, Leaf, Cosmic Daffodil, Lothlorien, and others. Mark worked for many years as a mental health technician in a locked psychiatric unit. His background includes music, healthcare, and psychology. Connect with him @MarkHPoetry or on his website: 


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