Thursday 9 May 2024

Ten Haiku Poems by Daniela Misso




among the pines

butterflies in backlight . . . 

forgotten dreams




spring fever 

golden primroses 

peep out





at the start of a trip . . . 





photo album 

a lonely cricket 

starts chirping 




on my way home

bee's buzz 

in the shopping bag




cold april –

a mouse scratches

under the sink




going out the launderette . . .

drifting clouds




seedlings rise 

from the cotton wool

childhood memories 




healing . . . 

spring clouds 





crow-caw –

crossing the threshold 

of the taproom


Daniela Misso is winner of The R. H. Blyth Award, WHR Spring 2023. Her work has received numerous awards: 2nd Place in the Japan Fair Haiku Contest Awards 2023; 1st and 2nd Place in aha Haiku Contest Annual Hortensia Anderson Haiku Awards 2021, 2023; 2nd Place in The Fleeting Words Tanka Contest 2021 UHTS United Haiku and Tanka Society, and many others. She was recognized in the Haiku Euro Top 100 list 4 years in a row, since 2020. Her haiku have been published online and in anthologies, journals and newspapers worldwide. Some of her haiku have been published into Japanese, Romanian, Arabic, French, Croatian, German, Bulgarian, Russian and Spanish. She is author of the books “Connessioni Sottili”, ed. FusibiliaLibri, 2021 and "Ciliegi in fiore", Edizioni Accademia Barbanera, 2023. She enjoys observing and immersing herself in nature.

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