Tuesday 21 May 2024

Six Poems by Hilary Canto




Pure love 

Nothing less 


Pure light 

Beyond matter 


Pure heart 

Honest true 


Pure mind 

Kind giving 


Pure service 

Gentle teaching 


Pure peace 

Warmth enfolding 


Pure trust 

Sacred truth 


Pure Unicorn 

Eternal friend 





Crisp frozen path 

silver birch roots 

feet treading gently 

linger in the gloaming 

pure air 

twilight presence 

flash of light 

Faery, Elf, Gnome? 

jumped fern to fern 

magical being 

connecting soul 

other worldly relationship  


Open pathway down to ocean 

gentle stroll dusk rolls 

empty fields evening silence 

powerful wings glide on air 

without sound Barn Owl swoops 

majestic flight 

keen eyesight 

masterful hover 

swift descent 

seizes prey 

other worldly presence 

Grace gifted this day 


Stars light the sky 

brightly caress naked eye 

into view saucer came 

beaming lights 

in windowpane 

hovered quietly 

not a sound 

moments connection 

mesmerised sight 

high above ground 

gone in speed of light 

no contact made 

memory imprinted 

other worldly visit 

beyond earths limit.






History records conquest over tribes 



2024 terrorism extremism war 



Hidden invasion classified files 



ETs secretly reside 



Studying abducting human life 



Infiltrating human minds power games 



Psychological targeting telepathic mental 



80 years intervention hybridised humans 



Controlling invading violating life 



Planetary race total enslavement 



Alien resistance human plans 



Restoring Earths resources 



 Self-determined Sovereign human race 



Gods calling existential freedom 








Ancient prophets’ Divine revelation 

Holy messengers, saints, avatars 

sacred teachings now stained in blood 

humanity’s profanity, power, and ego 

desecrate the Presence of God 


Essence of Knowledge, wisdom, insight 

suppressed by religions real sin 

human created heaven and hell 

cruel abusive  

spiritual restraint 


Gods pure message in all religions 

Holy essence, flowing Grace 

does not condone 

subjugation, violence, war 

cultural indoctrination 


Divine Presence  

hidden Knowledge  

sacred pathway, buried deeply 

cooperation, tolerance 

no division, unity  


Time runs out, resources diminished 

world conflict, life extinguished 

religious leaders, silence deafening 

one heart, one humanity 

the unspoken message 


Spirituality, Knowledge within 

spark of God, freeing sin 

human unity, Divine intent 

 compassion, kindness 

purpose, calling meant 


Heart of God, Source of love 

restore soul humility 

forgive, honour, bless, 

 sacred presence, great light rays 

dissolve dark veils of human ways.


  Secret power  Hidden deep within  Mysterious, pure  Without sin    Cannot be corrupted  Nor called upon demand  Silently protecting  Walking hand in hand    Spiritual treasure  Eons old  Deep in heart  Will unfold    Spark of God  Passion rises  Light dawns  Mind recognises    Beneath frenzied  Daily grind  Hearts voice  Frees mind    Step by step  Trust, listen  Deep within  Guidance, wisdom    Inner Knowing  Solid, stable  Strong, certain  Fearless, able    Life’s experience  Greatest teacher  Sacred wisdom  Needs no preacher    Listen deep  Listen clear  Inner voice  Inner ear    Freedom waits  New life promise  True self   Power of Knowledge 






Human, whole 

Universe, in 

Mystery, with 

Angels, the 

Nascent soul 


Being, the 

Enlightened, and 

Inspired, real 

Nature, of 




Hilary Canto - Loves this planet and is deeply troubled with it, having lived in the Shire, magical Greece and enchanted Highlands of Scotland, where else than the land of the Unicorn for a healer and writer? A varied career has nurtured her writing in many forms. Global Love Day Directors Poetry Award 2023 and 2017. She is a regular contributor to M.E Essentials (living with M.E.). and Poetry for Mental Health. Now delving between the worlds for Lothlorien, through lands of enchantment with Elemental and Angelic Beings her guides! Her career in the creative and music sectors helped open the magical inner doors of light and prose. She wrote and recorded an album of healing songs and now her voice heals however she uses it as a gift to the reader and listener of her words.

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