Thursday 9 May 2024

One Poem by Alan Catlin


Frankenthaler’s Art at The Clark



Off White Square:


an almost landscape, multi-hued;

immense impressions of sky.


A white square defines

what we are meant to see.





Red Shift:


Blood on the sun,

a red harvest amid scraps

of swirling colour, fallen moons

amid a galaxy of red dwarf rising;

a single figure in a deep heat dream.




Watery Goddess:


A painted room is an ocean

with sea creatures in it.

We may be one of them,

if the artist wills it so.





Imaginary Landscapes:


First creatures swim against a muddy tide.

one cell becomes another until

something larger grows.


The frame cannot contain them.

Alan Catlin has published dozens of chapbooks and full-length books. He latest published works include How Will the Heart Endure (about life and work of Diane Arbus( from Kelsay Books and listening to the Moonlight Sonata from Impspired (UK).


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