Saturday 18 May 2024

Two Poems by Dana Trick


Playing With My Poem-Heart  


We were strangers once, yes, 

But poetry wove us together. 


I wrote lines of friendship, philosophy, life, hypocrisy, 

Joy, sorrow, struggle, identity, anger, and art— 

Then you wandered into my side 

And eagerly devoured each verse and stanza  

With praise and constructive criticism.  


You my treasured editor, me your favourite poet.  


Poems that used to come monthly 

Came weekly then daily then hourly— 

And you were always ready to love my dirty shitty drafts. 


Soon I started to write of the sun and moon dancing in the sky, 

The fragile existence of a lonely flower and fleeting hummingbirds, 

The want and need tangling in each other.  


I couldn’t stop giving you my poems just to see you smile, 

Crooning under my woven words. 

I wanted to give flowers and kisses, 

Whisper verses in your ear and your ear alone. 


I realized too late I love you.  


Then, on a monotone night, 

I saw you in bed with another, 

Who gave you pleasure upon pleasure  

On your sweet and soft body— 

Something I couldn’t give or be able to. 


I ran away, 

And I wrote this with discarded tears  

Of a broken bleeding heart.



Bows and Arrows Are the Perfect Love Poems  

Only a wound carved from arrowheads  

Are the most reasonable metaphor of love. 


A careless aim, 

A impulsive shot, 

Then you are unable 

To move your arms and legs 

Like you used to. 


A random target, 

A chance moment,  

Then your memories are forever marred  

By rose petals.  


An unstable string, 

A wobbly balance, 

Then it seems you cannot exist without  

The pain and the passion.  


A single last kiss can still leave you bleeding.

Dana Trick - Born a first-generation Mexican-Canadian-American autistic biromantic demisexual with ADHD, Dana Trick lives in Southern California where it is clearly foolish to wear black any day. Besides writing, she spends/wastes her day by either reading weird books and comics; researching history because she is an historian with a degree to prove it; drawing crappy art and comics that she posts on deviantART under Silencedbook9; and watching an unhealthy amount of cartoons, anime, and Youtube videos. Her work has been published online--in the Art of Autism, the Lothlorien Poetry Journal, The Kolkata Arts, The Writer Shed, The Writers Club, and The Ugly Writers—as well as in print anthologies: the 2018 Moorpark College Print Review, the Poets’ Choice Realm of Emotions, Free Spirit’s Historic Tales, Wingless Dreamer’s My Glorious Quill and The Book of Black, Dragon Soul Press' Organic Ink vol. 5, and The Ravens Quote Press upcoming Balm 2 anthology. She wishes the reader a nice day.





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