Saturday 18 May 2024

Five Poems by Blair Boleyn


Morning Regrets

“Once I knew a girl.

She fell in love with me in an intoxicated whirl.

Then the morrow, when I met her gaze,

I realized that to her I had been nothing but a phase.”

Losing Him

It hurts less

To think your life’s become a mess

Starting from the day I left

Than to see you thrive

And deprive

The girl who loved you less

Than her lovingly nurtured regrets

Of the future she never had.

My Origin Story

When my heart you so cruelly rejected,

Suffice it to say, I was most dejected.

Your treachery onto all men I projected,

Innocents to much cruelty I subjected.

I Am Not…

I am not your child to raise,

Not your mother to attend to your every whim,

Nor a concubine to fulfil your every desire.

Either I am your partner, an equal, or nothing at all. 

I refuse to accept anything less than fairness.


Fragile – Handle with Care

I am like glass,

Easily shattered.

But if I break in your hands,

I’ll cut you, too.

I promise you,

If you try to tear me down,

I’ll drag you with me.

Blair Boleyn’s work delves into the darker facets of love and friendship, often infused with a magical, occasionally Arthurian twist. She also runs the following Instagram account: @blairboleynwrites.


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