Sunday 29 October 2023

One Poem by Micháel McCormick




Fold if you draw

  a Three of Torpedoes

  or the one-eyed Monk


The Queen of Crawdads

  brings better luck


Bet a shiny coin and

  Crow will see your bet


Crow likes to bluff

  but he has a tell


A gleam in his eye

  like a diamond in a well

Micháel McCormick writes poetry in his Batman pajamas. Mike's award winning work has appeared in over seventy journals and anthologies. Connect with Mike at @mikemccormickauthor on Facebook or his website

His work in Frozen Wavelets, Hummingbird, Loud Coffee, Poetica, Pensive, Roaring Muse, Star*Line, Whispering Shade, and elsewhere has earned a Best of the Net, Dwarf Star, Pushcart nomination, Opossum Prize, and other recognition. Michael is active in the Loft and League of Minnesota Poets. His full credits and bio are available at

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