Monday 27 February 2023

Ten Sijo, Haiku, Senryu Poems by Mariel Herbert



Opening lines: we talk of rain,
the privilege of cold fronts.
How rare it is--this permission--
to fold into labyrinths.
Tomorrow the sky disappears.
Scarabs crack beneath our feet.


Three Haiku for Mad Scientists

scavenged anatomies
tattered lotus

giant axons
disinterring dew frost
from tin cans

rice sparrows
distal to neon
scattered graves


faerie knight
in the bathroom mirror


final call
through a sidewalk crack
siren song


partial thaw
the last lake maiden
swipes right


boundary crossing
craving the hot stings
of hex marks


unwanted rootlets
hedge witch


denied magics
brambles till wild
into skin

Mariel Herbert's short speculative poems have appeared in Dwarf Stars 2022, Eye to the Telescope, and Haiku 2022, among others. In addition to speculative poetry, she enjoys haiku, senryu, and the occasional haiga. She lives in Northern California with her family and runs a couple science fiction and fantasy reading groups. She can be found online at

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