Saturday 11 February 2023

Five Poems by Irma Kurti



There are tired and delicate souls

that break just like pieces of glass,

tremble like autumn leaves, even

from a single, spontaneous word.

The wind takes and throws them

on the ground, under the tempest;

they get wet and trampled down

in an anonymous and lonely road.

There, you will find even my soul.

(From the book “Within a sorrow” Poetry Planet Book Publishing House, 2021)


People want only your smile,

even when your heart cries,

when it’s immersed in grief,

when it sees no sun or light.

People want only your smile,

words that shine and spark,

while you are disintegrating

within yourself and feel that,

imperceptibly, you’re dying.


It is the same light when I get up fast,

when I run towards the bus like crazy,

when it passes me by and I rest there,

just like a melancholic stain.

It’s the same tree and the same people

I see every day, the same trembling of

leaves and the delicate fall of them.

But the sky shows a diverse spectacle;

sometimes it’s grey, sometimes blue

or covered with a handful of clouds,

so soft and white. It often shows me

a plane that crosses it noisily, just like

a giant bird with its rigid, immovable

wings flying towards the infinite.

(From the book “Within a sorrow” Poetry Planet Book Publishing House, 2021)


You occupy no space in my life.

You are only a shadow.

But sometimes when I’m tranquil

that I’ve forgotten all about you,

I feel something; maybe nostalgia.

You suddenly invade my thoughts.

You don’t want to go,

though I try to chase you away.

I find you in my every thought

and you want to stay there.

I don’t know what to do.

There’s no more love between us.

You must go, you understand:

The fire is extinguished.

But you don’t go— so I rush

to escape traces and memories

that bring your image close to me.

You are only a shadow.


I can’t understand; it seems unfair

you can’t live in this season of spring—

its magical sounds and voices,

the caress of your hair by the breeze.

You can’t enjoy the light of dawn,

the peaceful birth of a new day.

No more can you see the sunset,

the red sky as if it feels ashamed.

You can’t look at me anymore,

make me happy with your smile.

Your love in the empty, dark days

was for me the one paradise.

I do not believe. I can touch you

each night only in my dreams.

Even there I’m not happy:

I kiss you and cry in the silence.

My heart abandoned its beats

and all my prayers were in vain.

Part of my soul vanished with you

on that autumn day.

IRMA KURTI is an Albanian poetess, writer, lyricist, journalist, and translator. She is a naturalized Italian. She has been writing since she was a child. All her books are dedicated to the memory of her beloved parents Hasan Kurti and Sherife Mezini, who supported and encouraged every step of her literary path.

Kurti has won numerous literary prizes and awards in Italy and Italian Switzerland. She was awarded the “Universum Donna” International Prize IX Edition 2013 for Literature and the lifetime nomination of “Ambassador of Peace” by the University of Peace of Italian Switzerland. In 2020, she received the title of Honorary President of WikiPoesia, the Encyclopedia of Poetry. In 2021, she was awarded the title “Liria” (Freedom) by the Arbëreshë Community in Italy. In 2022 she was awarded the title of Mother Foundress and Lady of the Order of Dante Alighieri of the Republic of Poets.

Irma Kurti has published 26 books in Albanian, 20 in Italian, 10 in English and two in French. She has written about 150 lyrics for adults and children. She is also the translator of 13 books of different authors and of all her books in Italian and English. She lives in Bergamo, Italy.




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