Tuesday 28 February 2023

Five Haiku and Senryu Poems by Barbara Anna Gaiardoni


Haiku and Senryu Poems

ancient vineyards

abandoned by the rain

a rainbow pinwheel



radioactive swirls

of cream cheese

and nutmeg




soft blankets

of yellow leaves

stagnation of water





small pond with goldfish

in the winter garden




in the snowy streets

bread crumbs


                                                Photo by Andrea Vanacore

Barbara Anna Gaiardoni was born in Verona (Italy).

She's a freelance pedagogist and author, also of books dedicated to children and has published books with Italian publishing houses. She has participated in national literary and poetic competitions, obtaining the publication of her texts and currently publishes Japanese poems in English on the international trade journals. She creates haiga in collaboration with Andrea Vanacore, life partner, visionary photographer & videomaker. Drawing is her passion.

Her motto is "I can, I must, I will do it".

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write these wonderful words of yours. Happy days, Strider!


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