Monday 13 February 2023

Five Poems by Norman Cristofoli


Vision in the Woods


A sadness lingers

in the dark eyes of the forest

Like the turning of seasons

an age has come to an end

The harmony of green

changes to the golden yellow of sunset

and the deep red of sleep

One leaf falls, then another

like the years of life passing into darkness


The veil is drawn tight

the Guardians have lowered their swords

All that once was

will be never more



Removing God from self
Realization or acceptance

that you are nothing
thus becoming everything
Looking into water and seeing life
Looking into soul and seeing truth

Knowing, instead of wanting
Being, instead of dreaming

falling from the abyss

into the Sol of creation
Conceiving that within you

is the origin
of both the dark
and the light


Angel Number Three


She wore black

on and all about her

Mourning for the loss of us all


She smiled

and the universe fell in line

awaiting her blessing


She raised one finger

crossed it over another

Condemnation complete


She was the dark angel

Lips red of blood

kissing the world goodbye


Child’s Poem by the Irish Sea


I found a stone

by the Irish sea

Black and smooth

it called out to me


How come you

to this fabled land

How come you

through grass and sand


The sun, said I

and the blue of sky

The air so fresh

and the earth so dry


I come to give thanks

I come to praise

I stretch out my arms

for these blessed days


Aye, said the stone

I know what you mean

For even my ancestors

are here to be seen


We communed together

the stone and I

Before the great sea

and below the sky


Together my friend

we share one will

for in my pocket

I carry him still


The Gathering


An intake of breath

an exhalation of peace


The multitude comes

in a wave of questions

Shall we open our mouths

and let God answer


An intake of breath

an exhalation of light

like a profuse enlightenment

The multitude gasps in awe

The sky opens

and a veil is drawn back

to reveal profane perfection


An intake of breath

an exhalation of the sacred vow

The word upon the word

spoken in solemn caves

high in the mountains

and deep in the ancient forests

beneath the giant oaks of forgotten ages


An intake of breath

an exhalation of fire

igniting the passions

that once stirred

in the blood of humankind


The multitude stands

with hands thrust into the air

remembering they were once

masters of their own destinies

that they once lived and died

as free people


An intake of breath

an exhalation of a whisper

a release

a forgiveness

and a prayer

Norman Cristofoli has published several chapbooks of poetry/prose plus two audio compilations of spoken word. He published the “Labour of Love” literary magazine for over 25 years and was co-founder of the “Coffeehouse” artist networking site. His play “The Pub” and new book of poetry “Relinquishing the Past” were both published in 2020. His murder/mystery novel “Novembers” will be published in 2023.



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