Thursday 16 February 2023

Five Poems by Borkhan


Am I
laying there
under tree
waiting for the leaf to fall?

sea talk

Master mine zen deny
when drunk
or sober
demanding me
to love the grass and kiss the tree.

so run I did
to life

suns born died with moons
springs suffocated summers
as family withered tree grew out
as sons drunk disrespect
as daughters learned how to shame me
as wife, eyes from cry empty, left
as I was no again.

Back went I
to master white now
who gave bread and water
and direct
to watch the sea
until it will
talk to me

Who was me is maybe here
watching sea
all days

I am at peace
And so is sea.
Talk will come

some day
after I die.

I never knew you

I know
longing, eyes strain seeing non appearing face
I felt
loss, lack of she-ness in my life, silence where her laughter rule
I survived
four walls and ceiling staring at me, while I avoid thinking cellar

but I do not

Dust, friend

To live is to be haunted,
by IRS, hungry relatives,
support of child mother ex.

Alone, dust monolith
in monotony house
I prayed,
for honesty disappeared forever,
feverishly shouted old furniture.

resistant mist,
wrinkled hand of smiling face,
mist wrought,
seen through,

Lady not of sorrow,
mademoiselle of old wisdom,
parade of words, light, lightening my weights,
ghostly talk.

She's there,

now and
for me,
maybe I will be with her,

one night.

Haunted only, know I, now, what good friend is.

I am an idiot

of myself, self and me
I met
old Taoist
coming from the river bed
I, me, myself, full, above,
asked for public laugh
What, old man, did you do there in the river bend?
"Meeting a rock."
whispered the reply.

I am an idiot.

by Borkhan

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