Saturday 9 April 2022

Two Poems by Petar Penda




What is left of this empty seashell 

Is a memory of the distant sea.

The waves murmur and whisper

Of unequivocal consolation,

Reminders of the life beat and urge

To leave a gift to the world,

Lifeless but seductive with shades of beige,

Orange and pearly on the inside,

And a jagged sculpture with pointed spikes,

Rough but yet refined, on the outside.

If it ever reaches the sea,

The shell will spring to the salty life 

And float in the watery universe.




A half-sunken ship 

With the stern under the sea

And the prow high in the air

Holds on to a  ragged rock.

Damaged and empty 

She waits to be washed away

By merciless waves.

A long mast, snow-white sails,

A steel winch and a shiny deck 

Tell of her former glory.

Still grand but broken,

The sailboat  is doomed

To join her ancestors

At the bottom of the sea. 

A flawed life is of no use

To the living on the surface.

Petar Penda is a professor of English and American literature (University of Banja Luka) and a translator. His translations have been published in renowned journals in the USA and the UK. His poetry was published by "A Thin Slice of Anxiety" and "Trouvaille Review".


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  1. What strong, evocative imagery Petar! Phenomenal work here, these are both memorable and so vivid in their descriptions one almost feels transported...


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