Monday 25 April 2022

Two Poems by Dr Anushna Biswas


Through the canopy of trees I see the moon

You said, Mother, when young, moon reflects dream

I close my eyes to visualize it in light dim

But you are nowhere to be seen

In search I turn to sylvan wood

And hear the nightingale sing on peak

Woods lovely dark and deep,

I could smell the jacaranda flowers loom

Now is spring, nature bursts with bloom

My roving eyes track your smiling face,

In play of jolly fireflies in grace

But you are nowhere in chiaroscuro of space


In angst I rush to the sea

Its vast waves crashing against the mound of sands

Barefoot I meander through coloured shells sprawling in degree

Then pick up the pebbles watching fishermen fishing in spree

I take a deep breath and look for your face in the sea

An agony fills my soul as seeking your image

But you are nowhere to be seen in given range

Back to city, a vision to pry

Now I know hard I may try being keen

But sorrow has it dry

Now plausibly you are nowhere to be seen.

But in me.


Nine and a half months



Bursting of the water bag

Pain of parturition

Separation from the umbilical cord



She shows me the light of the day.

Then she nurtures the seed




Proteins to right need

She helps me to gradually spread my wings

She feeds

The root

The stem

Till it does not bear fruits

And makes me a complete woman.

Then she contracts the virus

To protect me

To save me

From virus,

She cannot breathe

Doctors utter their sermons





Nothing in their hands

This time she spits blood


A Video call

One last kiss to her daughter, me

Next day

Catastrophe strikes

The pain grips me gasping

From now on I am struck to carry

Her pain of parturition returns to me.

Dr Anushna Biswas, Literary Critic, Poet and Feature Writer of The Indian Express Group of Newspapers. Also former Lecturer and head, Department of English at Tagore University Distance Education. Published eight books of literary criticisms, contributed essays and articles in The Indian Express Group of Newspapers.

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