Sunday 10 April 2022

Three Poems by Gerry Fabian


Just Once More


I want that jelly look

so least expected

that I blister blush

and quickly look away

only to glance back

into heat seeking eyes

that slowly, steadily

lower to lost lips

posed in pout passion

which strongly suggest

complete capture.

Secret Chamber


I turn on the car radio

and the beginning of a song

bounces out loudly.

Turning the volume down,

I am aware that it was our song

way back when.

I know the words by heart.


I can still see your face light up

when it would come on

as we rode into early morning

just past midnight.

You are singing

then you grab my right hand

and place it on your heart.


What is the title of this song?

I pull the car into a strip mall

and park between Nina’s Italian Pizza

and The Town Barber Shop

while trying to use my phone

to identify the song title.

It ends too soon.

As we did.


Looking back on us now

with  perspective as a soothsayer,

I can confirm the flaw

that love shielded from us.


And what happened to you ?

I can still feel and taste

your unique twisted tongue kiss.


I let out an audible sigh.

Your love still resides

in my left lower ventricle

                   as it pumps you through me.


When You Know The Degree Of Pain


I have a “trick knee” which goes out

every so often whenever I torque it

in an odd way.

I know the burning pain will last

until I twist it back in.


I also have “trigger finger”

in the ring finger of my left hand.

When it locks, I must pull it back in

and the shooting pain lasts for about

30 seconds, no more.


I suffer from calf cramps

which knot my leg

in a huge lump and must be

massaged out which offers

about 5 minutes

of throbbing pain.


And I have a cauterized heart

scarred by

careless lovers,

“bad timing” lovers,

apothecary lovers,

and needy lovers.


After all these years,

I still cannot gauge

the extent of this pain. 

R. Gerry Fabian is a poet and novelist. He has published four books of his published poems, Parallels, Coming Out Of The Atlantic, Electronic Forecasts and Ball On The Mound.

Twitter @GerryFabian2




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  1. Well done Gerry. You captured some serious emotions.


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