Saturday 16 April 2022

Three Haiga Poems by Jerome Berglund


Haiga Poems - haiku combined with fine art photographs 

Jerome Berglund graduated from the University of Southern California’s Cinema-Television Production program and spent a picaresque decade in the entertainment industry before returning to the midwest where he was born and raised.  Since then he has worked as everything from dishwasher to paralegal, night watchman to assembler of heart valves.  Berglund has exhibited many haiku and senryu online and in print, most recently in Tofu Ink Arts, Vermillion, Hey I'm Alive Magazine, and Fauxmoir.  He is furthermore an established, award-winning fine art photographer, whose black and white pictures have been shown in galleries across New York, Minneapolis, and Santa Monica.  You can read Jerome’s earlier published works collected in Bindle Bum and Paint Chips, available through Amazon.


  1. Some additional context!

    "The Miracle of Hanukkah...occurred after the liberation of the Temple in Jerusalem during the Maccabean Revolt, and it describes the finding of a jug of pure oil that was to be enough to light the lamp for one day, but that lasted for eight days."

    "Experienced pickpockets often ply their trade in train stations and other places where there is a clearly marked sign reading BEWARE OF PICKPOCKETS. Passersby seeing the sign invariably feel for their wallet to make sure it is still there..." - Robert Greene

  2. Hayom! To the lives of all of us who're surviving ahead of the oddities.


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