Sunday 24 April 2022

One Poem by Subhankar Das

You lay so quite in the bed

You are lying in an unconscious sleep
The hospital tubes, the machines beeping around,
where we are not allowed to enter.
Where dreams are strictly forbidden.

Still, I remember the busy road at Rasbihari junction
Where we were trying to cross the road hand in hand
knowing that I have to let your hand go when we cross the road.

You wanted to hear my poems
but I never had a chance to recite them to you.
Now I am reading those poems aloud in a lonely room.
And I am thinking of that 31st December night
that never ending night.
- Don't you understand?
I was holding a bucket to your mouth without answering
so you can vomit and be light.
Did we do a lip lock before that?
I don't remember because my stomach also
was full with dark Rum.

Maybe you vomited all the love in the bucket that day.
It must be that because we did not see each other anymore.
No poem was recited.

Subhankar Das -Poet and Publisher of Bangla experimental stuff, Subhankar Das has 30 published books of Bangla and English poetry.

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