Saturday 9 April 2022

Two Poems by Nolcha Fox



Why do you

clutch red beads 

around your neck?

To feel the clotted blood, 

a river cold 

between your fingers?

Or do you want to 

choke the fear that

paints your eyes?


Is the cup you pour

into the fire cold

against the warmth?

Is it liquid poison,

is it guilt?


Morgan le Fey 


Your robes and cape

are partners to your dance,

a swirl of filmy, floating

coloured gauze.

As you raise the magic

glowing in your hand,

you are a sorceress

spider spinning webs 

of treachery and death.


Nolcha Fox has written all her life, starting with poop and crayons on the walls. Her poems have been published in WyoPoets News, Duck Head Journal, Ancient Paths, Dark Entries, The Red Lemon Review, Agape Review, Bullshit Literary Magazine, Storyteller’s Refrain, Wilder Literature, Paddler Press, the 2022 WyoPoets chapbook Emergence, Gone Lawn, Levatio’s first issue Serenity, Spirit Fire Review, and Lothlorien Poetry Journal.

Her chapbook, “My Father’s Ghost Hates Cats,” is available on Amazon. In spring 2022, Alien Buddha Press will publish her chapbook, "The Big Unda." In July/August 2022, Dancing Girl Press will publish her chapbook, “Why Chicken Explodes in the Microwave.”

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