Friday 6 January 2023

Three Poems by Keith Snow

Moth Poem

I emerge from the cocoon,

still a caterpillar.

Moths are drawn to me.



Ignorance is Abyss


(Starting with a line from JD Nelson)


I have seen the nothing

new weekdays at six


times six equals a yard

of excitement and of weeds


inching closer to Bloomies

discounts in the basement


full of forgotten shift reports

digging out with a spoon.


A pound of bacon three dollars

more, is what they are saying


mi gato sisea en Espanol:

dame de comer!


Untied Sarcasm

His sarcasms

are always untied,

never trips, but once 

was head over heels

in linguini, this rebel,

without a pina colada

without clam sauce,

without closure.


When it rants

he pours.


New test results show 

he is prediatribe, 

might be prescribed

insult therapy, to avoid that

Dr Kenny said

lose a preposition 

or two each week.


He went to a Jim

who told him,

to try empathy.

He rolled his eyes

flexed his arms.


Jim replied, I can give

good advice

but I can't 

make you taste it.

Keith Snow, has been writing, and performing poetry since 99. Some of his most recent work has appeared in Roadside Ravens Review, Five Fleas and Medusa's Kitchen. He hopes to find all his voices.


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