Wednesday 11 January 2023

Three Poems by By Matthew Borczon


My third year of college

That afternoon

she left me

I was driving

home when

I saw a crow

eating the

carcass of

a deer on

the side

of the road

I pulled over

just to watch.


On the drive to work I pretend I am someone else

Before sunrise

I am listening

to an NPR

story about

the staging

of an opera

they talk about

feminism and

how they can

change anything

except the placement

of the orchestra

I think about

my mothers

love of opera

from her

section 8 apartment

and pretend

for a moment

that my life

Is different

creative purposeful

that I am not

going to spend

my day in

the plasma donation

center failing

people’s hematocrits

and telling new

donors that

even though

we pay them

they are still

really helping

their community

trying really hard

to believe

that this

is true.



The vet

told me


drinking coffee

in the royal

palace in

Iraq as

he heated

instant coffee

over a fire

outside of

the tent

he lives

in by the

train tracks

at least

until the

snow falls.

By Matthew Borczon


  1. Love these!! All of them. Tight, excellent flow, great end lines. But then his poems are always entertaining. Good stuff!!

  2. Excellent poems! Enjoyed the read.


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