Saturday 14 January 2023

Five Poems by Ken Allan Dronsfield


Beckoning Sea (Version 3)

My hand reaches to block the sun’s rays;
soaring high is a lone white gull,
warm breath on cheeks
reflected blue sky; parted lips.
The sea overflows white sands
serene of shadow; soft of noise
wings of green teal swiftly wave;
quietly the heartbeat quickens.
Blue autumn sky
love, hopes and dreams;
sometimes, I see you there.
Off-shore is where you’ll find me
even if you’re only a fantasy;
ocean winds hale to me
taking me so far away from you;
a winter sea rages.
The beckoning sea just;
Waves, waves, waves goodbye!

Weightless in Snow

I sometimes feel I'm weightless in snow.
gliding down gentle hills
or flying down great mountain trails
in open groomed plains or through piney shadows.
Crispy wind biting at my open skin
fingers warmed by thermal mittens
feet comfy in cotton and rayon
tears frozen on my wide smiling grin.
Days filled with traffic and daily shuffle
typing and meetings and hassles galore
trying to get home, eat then shower and sleep
awake early, only to do it again, a daily hustle & bustle.
The days go by, an ever-so-slow grinding maelstrom
light then dark then back once again
my heart beats faster as the week grinds on
I feel the sudden rush that I must escape from.
The boss says, "we're working late today"!
I thank my stars that it's only Wednesday
closing my eyes, I feel that sudden pull to the slopes
I'm ever so happy that it's finally Thursday!
Then Friday's here, like an old long-lost friend
off to the slopes and a long-awaited run
down through the pines I feel the sudden rush
weightless in snow, I'm so ready to descend!



Of Sallow


Trust is an oak tree with shallow roots.

so very treacherous in windy weather.

I feel as though I'm glued to the floor;

pinned like a moth to an insect display.

I wish to leave this horrible evil place,

run far away into the cold, dark night.

In the flickering shadows of mankind

sympathetic words are a honeycomb,

sweet to the soul; healing to the heart.

Dreams rise and fall like lunar tides;

engrossing thoughts flood the brain;

as blood through old varicose veins.

Flotsam strewn about dying fields as

jetsam falls from darker, foggy skies.

Face rises to the sun, a sallow pallor.

Vultures perched, perversely hawing;

a flag is folded in presentation style;

roses tossed onto a shiny new casket.

The eve of one's quietus has arrived.



Dead Sunflowers

All things wild and free;

roses amidst bristling briers

honeybees upon Canna Lilies.

kisses in fields of goldenrod

savoring tall root beer floats

empty hummingbird feeders

seeds from dead sunflowers

chickadees call from a spruce

pumpkins like orange skittles

ricks of oak stacked and dry

barn owls; an inquisitive stare

kittens chase autumn leaves

a school bus drops happy kids

witches, ghosts, and goblins

knock on our doors for treats.

But now, snowflakes are falling

Christmas decorations and lights

adorn homes and windows.

Dead sunflowers lay upon the

ground, sowed seeds await Spring.

But Winter is now amongst us.



Sonnet of the Silent Man

We can learn so much from just sitting still;
found within far off places in our world,
immersing ourselves in the quietness
the stillness lets us feel natures stirring.

Listen and hear the loudness of humanity;
be small and see the vastness of our world.
nature's confluence is so obvious
hear the soft flutter of dragonfly wings.

See movement in a changing of the seasons;
gradually, you'll see the entire world;
you'll hear the shallow inhales of her breath
feel her slowly warming in the morning sun.

Be still, be quiet, be a silent man and the
wonders of mother earth will be at your fingertip.

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a disabled veteran and prize winning poet from New Hampshire, now residing in Oklahoma. He has six poetry collections to date; 'The Cellaring', 'A Taint of Pity', 'Zephyr's Whisper', ‘The Cellaring, Second Edition’, ‘Sonnets and Scribbles’ and his latest collaborative book, 'Inamorata at Twilight. Ken was First Prize Winner for the 2018 and 2019, Realistic Poetry International Nature Poetry Contests. He has recently begun producing Creative Content on his YouTube channel and has had wonderful success sharing his poetry with the social media community. Ken loves writing, thunderstorms, coin collecting and spending time with his rescue cats Willa, Yumpy and Carmela.




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  1. Vivid winter scenes
    I can almost smell the fresh air.


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