Monday 9 January 2023

Four Poems by Ozan Baygın (Eşref Ozan Baygın)




Nothing is actually nothing and only craziness

Been broken too many times, cannot be fixed.

Its not as sacred as an olive branch

In your eyes, at most it can be a piece from a fig tree


Translated by Sila Ellie Kutu





I forgot.

Heartbroken in the night.

Kâf. Cim. Nûn


The bracelet is broken.

The ring is lost.

Solomon is sleeping.



My token arrived.

I exploded.

The birds got scared.

The walls collapsed.





Yellow and white

And blood thinner. –Nice

Now I’m sweating.

My lips are chapped

inside the black hole.

Ozan Baygın (Eşref Ozan Baygın)( Eţref Ozan Baygýn) was born in 1993 in Istanbul. He is still studying and writing on high level education in Yıldız Tecnical University. His poems have been published in Varlık Magazine, Statorec (Germany), Sadece Şiir, Olası Olmayan, Peyniraltı Edebiyatı, Bare of Dream (fanzine, Turkey) , Yazarkafa, Plüton, Orlando, At dergi, Edebiyatist, Akrostis (Belgium), Yeryüzü Düşleri, Americans and Others (anthology, Italy) and fanzines. Voice actor (Ne Nerede? ) His first poetry book, Kibrit Yanarken Bükülür, was published by Klaros Publishing House. His second poetry book, Piçin Yılı, was published by Sub Press.

His third and fourth poetry books ‘Katkılı Kumar’ and ‘Üçlü Teklik’ were published by Plüton Publishing House. In total he has published six books. In addition to this literary work, he has released three music albums. His works include “LSD OR COINCIDENCE,” “PSYCHEDELIC POETRY” (Yazarkafa Magazine, no. 20), and “Beat Generation” (Yazarkafa Magazine, no. 22).

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