Sunday 30 January 2022

Sonnet by Gary D. Maxwell



Mad profit-centered prophets take the stand

and swear the end of days is drawing nigh

as they have always done. They’re in demand

as hucksters always are - I’ll tell you why.

Doom’s guaranteed to all, none knows the day

except a few with their appointments set

by “Law” and “Justice”, no one else can say

but think they’ll live forever - so they bet,

although their odds are poor, the whole world stops

when they do, how could anyone remain

once their puce pudding takes its final plop

to contemplate them merely as a stain?

The big event. We’re sure we’ll last ‘til then,

and not prove simply scrapings to the bin.


Gary D. Maxwell is a poet currently residing north of Boston. After shoveling roadkill on the Information Superhighway for forty years, Gary now devotes his time to writing. You can find his poetry at

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