Wednesday 12 January 2022

One Poem by Adrian David



I was raped,

I was battered.

You thought my consent

never even mattered.


My chastity violated,

my body ripped apart.

I seriously doubt if

you ever had a heart?


Wounded and scarred for life,

the agony too much to bear.

Now, every passing day

is an unforgettable nightmare.


“Please don't do this to me!”

I shrieked in excruciating pain.

Yet, you kept preying on me,

again and again.


With no strength left in me,

my lungs ran out of breath.

Than all this irreparable trauma,

I would rather choose death.


With an insatiable lust,

you keep returning.

Isn’t there an end

to my incessant mourning?


Despite giving you my love,

you failed to understand my worth.

Why do you filthy, abusive humans

even call me Mother Earth?

Adrian David writes ads by day and poetry by night. His poems explore themes like trauma, existential crises, society, and everything in between, from the mundane to the sublime.

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