Wednesday 12 January 2022

Five Sublime Poems by Terry Wheeler


timothy leary


don’t fill

each hour


leave some

blank we


all need a


little slack

to find


the unintended 

to let moments


leach through


and reach

a quiet stretch


as the bottom

falls out



open the hive


a big ask

the weight


shifts in



the shoulders


push beyond

the doubts


to the raw



of experience 


the only judge 

that matters


looks through

your eyes



dark ages


if scientists 

are our eyes


to see what

we cannot


then why


do we damn

our eyes


choose to

be blind


and lionise


false prophets



who lie

and lie



‘there is no

end of talking’


all their 




yet never


a chair



sitting in


all effort





leaves us




to perch



sound effects




blessed with

average luck


and a hard

head concussion 


doesn’t come


as easily as

the knocks


derailing trains

of thinking 


boom gates


down red lights

blinking ding


dinging wait

it will pass




we cannot

outrun our


natures each



stamped with


minor notes

of variation 



to perfect


the score


written long

before we


came here

to perform




louis armstrong 

blew true as


an arrow before 

the vibrato grew




miles davis was

startled behind


charlie parker 

then changed


the music half


a dozen times



but never





polka was

more popular 


in corinda 

when ed


and chris


invented their 



of punk

that volatility 


of incompetence 


and desperation

prophets aren’t 


accepted in their 

home towns

Terry Wheeler - After graduating from law school in the late 1980s Terry worked in the Australian public service for decades. He was inspired to write after seeing Michael Dransfield poems in The Australian newspaper when a teenager. Terry has been published in Australia and abroad since retiring. He lives in Brisbane when not travelling.


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