Wednesday 15 June 2022

Two Poems by Mihaela Melnic


If true bohemians we are, to art subjugated
then let's lose ourselves through narrow alleys
our hands entwined, our mouths endlessly joining.

Let's seek for white swans on the Seine
and may they twirl in French!
Across the mirror of these troubled waves,
they'll slip us into the past's womb.

Look there! Montmartre, Lautrec,
the most vibrant hips surround him.
Ocher is poured into disturbing shapes, fluttering laces
with ink seem to be stained.

Artists are gathered here seeking for muses,
rich men and whores are embraced
with no distinguished bodies.

Here we can find absinthe and Can Can at every sunset.
O, Green Fairy with in midair
brown and sweet lumps of sugar,
fly us to you and let us seize all dreams!

The Root of Concupiscence

For how long will Eve be blamed for Adam's appealing apple?
'Tis the kernel of it all and also the fruit and essence.

A natural invitation to succumb to life and its temptations
before the clock chimes Putrefaction.

All would be vain without that apple.
Men's throats are keepers of eden's and earth's secrets.

This is why all fig leaves wither;
they will always find the ground.

Mihaela Melnic is the author of the bilingual poetry collection "Change of Seasons" and co-author of the book "Evermore".

She lives and writes in Rome, Italy where her prose and poetry evolve and take different shapes with every new life experience. Her work  appeared in various journals and magazines, including Dissident Voice, Spillwords magazine, Mad Swirl, Ariel Chart journal and The Piker Press.

For more of Melnic's published work visit her website:

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