Sunday 5 June 2022

Five Poems by A E. Reiff




The moon chained villages on the river below,

don’t take my word for, see yourself

The boots of kings in contempt tomes

stacked like neck heads left in ocean,

Book heads, nicely bound lay on the ground

like mummies at seven degrees.

Would that sleep of mummy revive

The piezo electric of this EM rad

That made the body rad?


We call  them bridges because those who do

cruise the lobby river mouths below.

Suspended from even greater reconstituted towers

that fit the quantum structure both now and never,

Fly like butterflies in fall about the heads

Beautiful puffed birds, everything that could be said

on one ungainly bobbling foot the necks of bridges

darted among hawks and chickens, white ducks and red

swallows of different colours

and orange parrots thick as leaves in a wind.

divine gates concurrent with our sympathy run in waves.

In case the analogy of both and neither

profanes this wilderness, then either/or

every hill will valley, every valley hill,

and both not phantom, invent numbering beyond

where you stop, nobody knows

with every breath root for this info sells,

as if that were the algorim,

shabty recupense all should avoid

that strangers in the hold of ships brought waterside

fantastic constructions to build on land

in quantum landscape Another faience model this




Once upon a time there sat

in the city of Jerusalem a king

who had survived the fall.

He survived Darius and Nebuchadnezzar,

he survived Alexander. 

They sprawled on top of the stones

where the King of Jerusalem sat, 

among extinct volcanoes.


He wrote these Kings were counterfeit

who wanted to reconstruct Goliath

to slip his body through the holes

go out more millenniums

 to bridle him and saddle him

and ride him over centuries and another year.


But the day came when space and time

began to sail her awesome streets

in our English rhyme, master humanity

and most of this came to be

between the war and the next decade.


The first condition of clandestine wit 

is shadowgraph and counterfeit

then the fertile grass turns to light

and the history of the underground

is revealed above ground,

in the ground, around the ground.


The second condition is the electric arm

Of every member, hand and foot

higher than a horse higher than a tree

greater than one decade could free

eight hours before it was 3:00 PM

and the weathercast was heavy clouds

that were not there at six

only hundreds of streaks

spread across the sky that forecast

ruin in the blueprints of dream.





Who knows but world is worlds to Finn Mac Cool,

Lochloins, Ramses Tut in this new tit,

inseparable symbolic myth of human form

of mummies slept out in Blake,

that think to walk in kilns the bosom of the world.

Primary tincture approach aunt Thetis,

inhabitants of offspring Viking up again

to write a volume from the grave

a legend come awake when killed,

an Everyman as Shem and Shaun,

the Egyptian follow through.

Tie these bodies to cannon mouths,

a Sepoy blow up, shot deep in air.

Believe you Oslo is a Turk,

brought back to where we were.

Tincture tincture on the wall everything began

to shroud accord, a vortex bought to land.

They empty out, they turn and run in circles round themselves

Empedocles knowing that the base before us burrows worlds.

All sol gold fire Egypt dug to France to touch this hand,

her Baby man, gesundheit comprachios.

4500 stops, Finn Egypt ollave, Irish erev rav,

somewhere ephebe night goes rolling on

and nurses to the trams are gone to sign the alpha talk,

bred brains with beats of heart and boast

olive crept along the river run for his lost parts.

Mind contact with Osi’s mamu out

With groans and wheeze disturb his mediosleep

that hears the scissioned fell transmarried,

one to Onnan, Atum, no doubt and one to Nun

who knows the waters not, that were,

then only were, then not and never more.

We stand and offer self as rock but not believe the pram

to net the light or unam sanctum eat the mile long.

Onesine hundred letter lull grass to sleep whistering

Hi hear night ay shhh you know,

I’m shhh the twelve parts scattered though,

Fingers, arms and legs battle night and day,

down down there went Osi thud, shud, clatter, shatter,

sham shudder sank to alf gates twelve.

One in the hill gate,

two in the glade,

three on the mount gate,

four in the spring,

five in the hawk nest,

six rang from limbs,

seven swimming away on the pond,

eight a beaver catching,

nine by the hen,

ten, well ten was helioplit

the center part hour of stillness

he ran a line up and down

to measure the culminated day and night,

eleven his precognition,

twelve the basket where he lay,

he kept himself in, that ollave.

On the collapsed east burglar bank

two parts pistis, stole ollave out by then.

They buried Babel there, a third sunk in the ground

so it don’t show so well the capsized hulk of Alp passed on.

Names those husky immorts wake,

wakey wakey time to school!

The land league, bog peat, the turf folk dudes

Wakey wakey, you can’t sleep all day!

Wakey wakey, humpty hills

You think your coming in, but not,

the potlarch not your blood dispersed,

parts unite the twilight spent

Parousia recovers day be night and night be day.

All the rapid fire eyeballs made

the missing parts entail

divinity lost by night

the missing putts back to par.

humpty to the left, dumpty right

who knows they come in pairs

the fool moon other

right work hard to mad

the hat on top the warp woof

laugh our hero history brief,

the ladder notch, the new old lost

reform a mole, you molecules,

you heaves the bear,

the ram, the bull far set

transparently sea-forged fire

yon poltry sleep across the bow

da ollave best the biggest get

he built inside the husk of alp he made himself




People with cadmium in their joints.

take associate counsel till they’re broke

speak and be dismayed to flood

fgov contracts with mag-lev trains,

black letters written in carbide flames,

names on cave walls of senate deities

where children play with moles and bats

down below like blind cave fish

in prison camp stalactite nests.

Mid shouts a brother couldn't bear,

Moshe quibblers allow this brick.

Westminster Coroner described the pit

in a basement where a stump

windowless raised its bone in air

like a sign of cedar trees and stone

be rest assured the Towers built

to make economy good

Toggle bunnies and video bats

engineered mousetrap

they engineered in stealth advance

a spaceship to catch like a mouse.

Mis visionarios’ thigh bone Queen

in her guise, first course

of gfovernmently drone discourse.

is our Third Ilusa sobre los Cursos Apocalypsis.


A dungeon of bodies crammed below

The Capitol of skull bones where drilled fgovt.

Where Pollock popped his trunk again

Frescos of the Aula Dei scraped off,

not all the parts made whole.

Foxes Martyrs in the classic chest,

water boarding the Saturn Monument


Blood Presidents aborted up,

No word of Bush or Bob Clanton

or Le Bomb, the brazier kings of Pentagon.

Round these harbingers huge Routs band,

Shouting for Joy before their way

As foggy Mists they Land And underneath

their Feet all scattered lay

skull bones gone astray.






it's time to waterboard congress



it's time for the government to go

princess and pirates boarding Saturn

it was an American assault

one of the bomber groups shout

shout my brother shout it off

          waterboard the government

          waterboard the monument

          waterboard the blood

          vaccinate the government

          inoculate the DC bones

my brother Taliban my brother


shout it off

shout it off

wash it off

make it talk

make it talk.


A hundred deities report the dungeon bodies cramped below

to brain them brainwash folk who know

the days of Noah

sweep the globe.


waterboard waterboard waterboard


people with cadmium in their joints

black letters in carbide flames from their helmets

on their heads which are on fire

with desire have contracts with the

maglev trains that run below

where names on the walls of bat caves know

where children play with moles

below to wash this city stood right out and scrape

the bones of DC off

waterboard the monument

waterboard the blood

water bore the monument

don't let it talk.



thigh bones raise like cedar trees

board Saturn’s monument

the prison camps the lag tights

council below

when they're broke

but we spoke we said

waterboard the government

waterboard the blood

shake the bones of DC off

shouts a brother

who couldn't hear

because quibblers threw a brick his ear

the Westminster coroner dug the pit

where Benjamin Franklin left his spit

where thigh bones raised like cedar trees  

and men walked where men would see among

the trees where tinkling towers

built to make the economy safe

could scrape the bones of all day off

to waterboard the government

to waterboard the monument

to waterboard the blood


so talk waterboard talk

the brain will know

the brain them brainwash folk who know

the days of Noah leap the globe

with dungeon bodies crammed below

waterboarded f gutted

f drilled skull bites

capital scraped off

as jackson pollock popped his trunk

to waterboard the government



of the not all parts

fox's martyrs in that classic chest

waterboard the government

waterboard the blood .

Waterboard Saturn’s shout my brother

thigh bones raise like cedar trees

scrape the moon off, scrub the trees

waterboard Saturn’s monument

the dungeon blotties cramped below

waterboard the brain men brainwashed folk who know

they know they know the days of gloah

gloah and Noah

and shoah sweep the globe.

Toggle bunnies, video bats

tweaked at the top to catch a rat

engineered an advance spaceship trap

 Ho ho the queen.


The queen disguised the first course

it was f gov drone discourse

it was third illusa sobre los apocalypse course  

blood presidents swallowed up aborted out

swung through no word from bush or bomb  

the canton clanton kings of pentagon

against whose harbinger routes  banned

shouting for joy  

amidst all the land  

and underneath their feet they cry that  

all scattered skull bones gone astray  

shall rise

shall rise

shall rise

AE Reiff  convenes a science of the new worldliness of the enemy in outlandish discoveries about the world of fable making myth to report the future seen on every basis.  But A is way too afraid and B too busy to live the fantastical forms in the familiar that hide a trap set by this enemy in these states of new order worldliness couched in peasant revelry, grotesque dreamworlds of the everyday where cosmic hostility from the beginning of the world is replaced by ravenous supermen, so here these literary Bruegel's appear. Further writing available at IPP Portal Transgression Overworld.


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