Friday 24 June 2022

Four Poems by Vernon Fraser


Back in the Back Alley Again 


a burr voice gaffes before turbo 

numbed the palette splattered 

brighter thesaurus vacant work


ampules tired raw rationalists 

caught fending off raffle talk

encouraged the locution play


grating as cracks encase

a retrofit pudding missing

fallacious heating on feel


a defiant management factotum

the visible simulacrum recumbent 

a Againfireball hazard ripped shelters


replication when torpor looking 

forwards a dimmer sinkhole glimpsing

a fertilizer conundrum sprocket


the wet hesitation painter wanted

behemoth incendiaries unsprung


neighbourhood chokers brim over dice



Cooking Up a Recipe 


the best blend shows tread

making a grist walk meringue

its shortfalls churn lavender

seeking constricted outputs

wherever toxic peril returns

to the tablespoon mechanic

thinning his impetigo cufflink

before the signature premise

foretells a transit separation

that plated its tin pan axiom

when a volcano getting sticky

turned rock to breath garment

addled the metastatic past

where the missing seascape

became an isolate outrage

handed one vantage transit

wigwam larva grated fine

the equinox a tin simulacrum

privately nautical while frenetic

crosswind photos loom 

slow gallops churn lap wings

hallucinogenic parka their logo

welcome lifeboats cure their legacy

brimstones steal bronzed glory

typewriter militants ghost wherever

straight words pocket enjoying

clatter supplication enchantment

no mezzanine sidestep set

their drone to preferences

luncheon still imposed before 

moustache broadcastings push

migraine persuasion to the many

the foodstuff not big repentance 



Living Under the Underfoot 


the lizards left them air 

their one turn stolen slowly

sure as any tired ampule


raw reverberation grabbing

its four gumline carriers

no marsh grinned an emu pocket


boarder allegory shaken

provoked a pocket waltz


reversing when crystalline

health made raw luncheon

a binary skid to meteor storm


its luminary air confinement

tinted later broadcasts forward 

issued in from topic sealant


intrepid milkmen ever vacant

believe a sun of debtor brims


that swelters lachrymose in

the sinkhole curriculum errata

no handshake grifter enrolled


the venom tries insider transit

its woe swelling reptilian haze



Hosting from the Audience 


talk radio raves

against a papal simulacrum


     no bull



at the cattle orifice

lowing the limbo record


referenda suffrage below intent


no blue

orchid streaming laser lines


     a spectacle of faith

     caught loafing with camera fish


          hinting udder cleavage

           slyly             styled


                   under the camera 

                     waving dreams

                     below passage


          aching bent over

                                     black stocking net





the vicarious dream of a neutered pantomime 



Vernon Frazer has written more than thirty books of poetry, three novels and a short story collection. His poetry, fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Miami SunPost, Muse Apprentice Guild, Sidereality, Xstream and many other literary magazines. He introduced IMPROVISATIONS at The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church in Manhattan.

Working in multi-media, Frazer has performed his poetry with the late saxophonist Thomas Chapin, the Vernon Frazer Poetry Band and as a solo poet-bassist. His jazz poetry recordings and multimedia work are available on Youtube.

Frazer resides in central Connecticut. He is widowed.


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