Saturday 27 February 2021

Two Poems by Grace Sampson


reflections I - born in april     


it was fear - arriving home in a frenzy. 

a mask, but it couldn’t protect me.

a passer-through and his ignorance shone 


like the beam at the centre of my cave. 

consisting of my seasonal

depression and eternal anger. 


my birthday was approaching, but so was the glass to 

envelope our destroyed site. 

would the trees continue to shake here? 


glassy eyes, hands shaking and cold, from the 


sniffy nostrils; inhaling what was accepted,

and exhaling the heaviness in my polmoni. 


we all hoped to get out; 

but from what? i whispered



You Remind Me of Somebody


The coldness around here doesn’t make my 

Feelings for you change. No, they don’t go 



The colours outside fade to something 

New - something quick to touch, but slow 

To change. 


Time; it’s slow to change, but forgetting it 

Takes mere seconds. 


I don’t want you to forget about me so 

Easily. I might not ever forget you.

Grace Sampson is a County Limerick poet, who invokes Irishness and growth within her work. She draws her inspiration from her friends scattered around the world, her psyche and how it has faced a rebirth, and the Irish nature that she simply cannot escape from.

She is working towards her first collection of poetry, while preparing to graduate from NUIG in English and Italian.

She had a selection of poems published in ’The Galway Review’ in Spring 2020, and is a collaborator on an upcoming book on the experimentalism of Thom Gunn.


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