Thursday 11 February 2021

Three Poems by Mark Mayes


when voice voices 


in pause

fear rose



nothing works

lost is all



a spider

over monitor



I convince

the star

to leave


no harm

to us

or will


so leave it

for now

this itch

of feet


so leave it

to sleep

to grow no thing


again spider

mute reminder

of doesn’t care


yet valuable

as breath

as air




across the iron bridge

into your courting grounds


the bird sanctuary

and the river curving


white houses on the far side

not there in those days


late forties

and the war a fresh wound


my feet on the wooden boards

thudding like years falling


and the flowers I place

in the crook of a tree


look out onto water

where you once yearned


soft hand

on rough uniform


london hand

on german fabric


in your sweet empty youth

before the grip of life


in your sweet full moment

before magic hid its face





After the question you knew the answer to,

after the door is slammed,

before the act that will change your life,

before the words you’ve always wanted to say.


When rain ceases,

when breathing ceases,

because all has been explained,

because there was nothing else to try.


In the room you left behind,

in the uncharted regions of your love,

around those who have lost the trick of friendship,

around the tree shattered by a storm.


Forgetting the names of everyday objects,

remembering the hour truly happy,

allowing the once-thought impossible,

crying in the monstrous din.



Mark Mayes has written three novels (The Blue Box; The Grass Below; Crimes of Others), a children's book (Is it Tomorrow Yet?), a collection of short stories (Take Away the Sky, and other stories), and a collection of poems (Winter Moon). He is widely published in magazines and anthologies. Mark also writes songs.


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