Saturday, 16 October 2021

Six Poems by David L O'Nan


Quincy Bled All Over South Carolina


He took a blood oath to her

In the white sands

In South Carolina

Escaping through the patches

And all of the thistles and thorns

All those trees fight the sunshine into dusting

And it was a second degree robbery

We had to burn the place down

Take our street hunger to the ocean

But will I lose her,

and never see the infant face I had just been blessed to see?

With moments of holding my new daughter

I knew I had to find my old banger's gun

There isn't enough money to support this family

And damn it! If i'm gonna let them feel my diseases,

and mimic all of my weaknesses

Like most cowards they will all just forget my name.

Their nest egg will be hidden in the shivers -

of broken palm trees 6 feet down.

And the stains of my strength will lay heroic in these old man-

sands in a murdered Myrtle beachfront. 



Kisses with Poisons


It was the scent of ethereal candles

Surrounded by the pianos become prisons

the whole house is filled with kisses of poisons.

I couldn't feel the touches to my skin.

I was entranced liked a blind man's fabrication of art.

In a junkyard of rusted trumpets

Where black widow spiders build new cemeteries.

Moonlight is the impetus.

Pulling me into these kisses of poisons,

while the chardonnay glistens with mercurial tears.

One sip and I join these dancing bones.

And become the highest bid at this purgatory auction. 



The Emperor That Became the Leper


Isolation caused by desolation

Memories like suffocation

Questions like clockwork in my bones

Remember the November leaves?

The Winter skies and Christmas trees

The promise of a feast

The devouring of lies

Father, child , Mother,

the rest like death

The cemetery chimes

with laughter and breath

This evening the banshees hold hands and play

Singing in the echoes of rattlesnakes

in my skin on this boring day

My beating heart is smoking blood

Purifying, then vaporizing

The smells of gases and acidic rain

Come die quickly now

Die like a soldier in war

The general calls in a grey tailored suit

His army men have to play his game

Hazy oxygen milked into the napalm haze

While ligroin licks,

the skin that is sunk

Love has a name engorged by the sea

to become full, to become drunk



And another day a country is starving

Then we all danced around our star

to become famous nothings. 



The Crucifixion of Pale Sunlight


Electricity rains with meteor rocks and sun blades

God is angry,

angry with the wombs

Angry with the wind,

angry with the life

The pale sunlight eats away dull thoughts

Belches the clouds into limp poison rainbows

That broke apart

with eyes in full stare

Us, the human assembly

Say we must crucify

Crucify this sunlight

Its pale, its irregular

Curse it into a hermetic state

Switch it with broken trust,

whip it with wisdom

Then we nail it to the sky

and let it fall onto the planet.

In its dull melted wave,

the chord will unplug -

and we can smile again

However, God's work is lyrical

The genius bruise

The radiation force that may attempt -

to have that pale sunlight rise again.

This time you are a nuclear drum,

as a wandering volcanic vagabond

Surrounded by the virgins overheating. 



Desperation Tornadoes


I've built up my gods through these tiny specks of sharp wind gusts,

That have eaten the goosebumps from my skin

And purged into your direction as little heartless desperation tornadoes.


With shrapnel of thorns that careens through circular air,

In the vortex we are empty babies,

and haven't much thought anymore.


I can sit here in this empty car

Dark nights pulsating in my depression

Only bright lights to drive with

I can watch the nothingness of a 2:23 a.m. grocery store,

and wish to live out this nervous breakdown.


Little desperation tornadoes

Full of energy, destruction

Blowing down cabins,

The bones around my central thoughts

We are just looking for the bandages

To heal us. 





How humbling to be playing cupid

in loveless Los Angeles

How the thrillers are bullets

Shot into the clouds.

An army of apoplectic cupids

In sideration,

Paralyzed and wet crumbled wings


Broken hearted and miles of tears

We are like the battlefields

Where we march like a coma

And the triggers of sunlight

Is there just to be nibbled at by the moths

For those we swim for, in the sky

And just looking for a new sacrifice

Side-winding through my paradise

Our luck is incapable of receding our echoes

Our dreams are executed jasmine gleamings

In the delicious breeze

They have killed the love in their smoke

Wreaths of smog surround my embolism

Watch my breathing

In all of these psalters, I am uprooted

and shovelled away.

(he/him) David L O'Nan is a writer/founder of Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art. He has several self published books and curator of 5 Anthologies.  His work can be found on Anti-Heroin Chic, Icefloe Press, Cajun Mutt Press, Royal Rose Mag, Dark Marrow, Ghost City Review, Nymphs Publishing and more. 











  1. Thank You very much for publishing these on this awesome journal of poetry

  2. I particularly like The Emperor who became a Leper, David.
    Come die quickly now
    Die like a soldier in war
    The general calls in a grey tailored suit
    His army men have to play his game

    Shades of Sassoon there.

  3. I'm almost afraid to read your poetry, David L. O'Nan! It's just so poignant, it almost hurts to read it. But it's also brilliant and beautiful. Everyone should read it. #theworldneedsmorepoetry


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